Folios for Investing

A folio is made up of securities that are driven by underlying indicators. Folios may be restricted to only holding certain types of investments such as stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, etc.

Flagship Folio

All-Weather Folio

The All-Weather folio is comprised of stocks, mutual funds, and/or ETFs. This folio is driven by the most comprehensive list of indicators created by WealthDrive.

Flagship Folio

Duration Plus Folio

The Duration Plus folio consists of dividend or interest paying investments. The fluctuations in this account tend to be less due to the volatility of the underlying investments being lower. That may not always be the case, but historically that has been accurate.

Flagship Folio

Preferred Long Folio

The Preferred Long folio consists stocks, mutual funds, and/or ETFs that are selected via a ranking method. This folio is driven by three proprietary indicators.

Flagship Folio

Trend Advantage Folio

The Trend Advantage folio tends consist strictly of stocks, but can hold mutual funds and/or ETFs. The entire methodology behind this strategy is to select the top 7 stocks that stand the biggest opportunity for growth. This list is monitored and adjusted monthly, if needed. Three algorithms are watching constantly to determine the times to be invested vs seeking safety in cash/money market funds.

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These folios come preloaded but if there is a folio that you would like to add to your software application we can walk you through the process. The entire software application can be customized to fit you and your clients.