Proprietary Indicators

There are indicators that come preloaded with every investing module within the WealthDrive software application.

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Either use our indicators or custom load your own for your team and/or clients to view on a daily basis.

Calendar Effects Indicator

This indicator is a short-term indicator whose goal is to identify those short term periods of time during the calendar year that have historically shown a high probability of profit. There are about 11 of these short periods per year, totalling just 72 to 80 market days of exposure per year. This indicator works magnificently during ‘Bear Markets’.

New Money Deployment Indicator

This is an intermediate-term indicator whose goal is to be invested ‘Long’ during all intermediate uptrends in the market, and in the safety of cash during all downtrends. Activity takes place when a portfolio is established during each of these periods of time this indicator has a ‘Bullish Status’.

Long-Term Market Status Indicator

This is a long-term low activity indicator whose goal is to be invested in equities during ‘Bull Markets’ and in the safety of fixed income and/or cash during ‘Bear Markets’. Activity occurs when a new ‘Bull Market’ or ‘Bear Market’ is signaled by the indicator, and on quarterly intervals within ongoing ‘Bull Markets’.

All-Weather Indicator

This proprietary flagship indicator by WealthDrive is a compliation of 60 years worth of statistical work. This indicator can be used to drive an entire portfolio just by itself. This indicator is managed in two ways: one, the selections are reconstituted monthly, and two, deployment requires the agreement of several proprietary algorithms. This serves as a checks and balances to investing.

Customizing Indicators

Our technology application allows a user to customize and add their indicators to the list. Allow which indicators your teams and clients see and engage.

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