Our software comes preset with proprietary algorithmic indicators, folios, and models. We also allow complete customization so you can create your own items for your team and clients.

Our Features

Investing Module Includes

Proprietary Indicators

Our custom set of proprietary algorithms come preloaded.

Custom Folios

Folios are a basket of investments bought and sold based on indicators.

Custom Models

Models are based on risk and are constructed from Folios.

Investment Research

Custom research center built directly into our software application.


Create a watchlist in this module to keep an eye on your favorites.


Use the module as it comes preloaded or customize it completely.

Why Use WealthDrive?

We are the first software application to give the user the complete ability to follow the investment methodology of a leading investment firm.

Primary Goals

Higher Returns, Lower Risk

When to Buy

Our indicators are built to monitor three timeframes simultaneously. Based on the output of each of these three time periods will determine when to buy investments vs. seeking the protection of cash/money market securities.

What to Buy

This process is comparing long term price performance against shorter term price performance. The greater the difference, the higher the ranking in our system, which means prices tend to increase.

Managing the Trade

Markets will always get to where they are going by trending. Monitoring institutional investments is the best way of determining which trend is setting up to take place. You can either invest against the market makers or with them.

Complete Control

Better Process. More Business

We give each of our clients the option of using our proven process or customizing a process that matches their business style. Our process consists of:

Understand the Client

Select the Folios

Build the Model

Manage the Relationship

What comes standard?

View Our Indicators

Want to learn more about our indicators then please click below for a more indepth dive.

View Our Folios

Want to learn more about our Folios then please click below for a more indepth look.