Lead Generation

For any business to survive, there must be a competitive advantage. WealthDrive provides financial and insurance professionals with a proprietary lead generation system that actually WORKS!

Territory Protection

Advertising Materials

Real Leads

Territory Protection

Our lead program is so good that we have to monitor the territories in which it is implemented. Otherwise, users of the WealthDrive system would be competing for the same business and reduce the programs effectiveness.

Territory Range

An analysis of the area in which a user would implement the program would be evaluated. Usually there is a 50 to 100 mile radius.

Protection Duration

A territory is protected for a period of three years with a three year software lease, approval into the program via an application process, and a minimum production requirement is achieved. Longer leases are possibly available.

Additional Support

If at anytime you find that the program for a particular territory is generating more leads than can be handled, then we do allow partnering. (Subject To Approval)

Advertising Materials

Our firm provides a proven set of advertising materials that can be custom branded. These advertising materials are tested and proven to work.


Use your brand or you can use our brand. The option is completely up to you.

Additional Materials

Our firm is constantly producing material, but before we allow others to use the items, we spend our time and money testing them.

Advertising Help

If there is a need for marketing help, we are here to provide a helping hand. Whether that means we help you close a piece of business or do a complete presentation. Our involvement level is dictated by you.

Real Leads

There are several programs that provide leads. Our firm considers a real lead, a consumer that is actively looking to engage. The keyword here is: Actively.


When presenting to leads we provide the custom presentations, scripts, workflows, etc. If help is required we will even do the entire presentation on your behalf.

Lead Closure Duration

Under normal circumstances we see leads moving through the marketing funnel within two weeks from initial contact.

Close Ratio

Closing is an art form. However, we believe that we built WealthDrive to significantly help in this area. Normally, the close ratio is currently being measured at 86%.