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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can see my profile?

Only the individuals and firms you connect with through the ‘Connection’ column can see your profile. Once you are connected you determine who sees what so that information you don’t want to share isn’t shared.

Can I have more than one phone number?

Yes, you can have more than one phone number.

Will I receive junk email if I use my email address?

Absolutely, NOT! We do not sell your information.

Do I need my spouse's consent to designate a primary beneficiary other than my spouse?

Depending on your state’s laws this may or may not be allowed.

Why do some of my outside accounts have to be relinked?

You have to renew your linked account credentials when you change your login credentials (which includes your password or security answers), your institution has updated their security process, or you have to take some action on your institution’s website (such as accepting new terms and conditions).

What if my bank or brokerage is not available to link to WealthDrive?

We’re constantly growing the number of linkable institutions, but if yours is not yet supported, you can enter your account details manually to include it in your subscription account for financial planning purposes.

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