Case Study


RoZoLo is a CRM technology software company that was looking to update their technology. They wanted to create a product that could compete against the Salesforce organizations of the world. 


An Overhaul From Top to Bottom.

Once evaluating their current software solution we showed them a much more cost effective method of accomplishing their goals. 


Challenge & Solution


The UI/UX of the current software they had developed was old, antiquated, and lacking in every facet. The firm wanted a solution that was cost efficient for them, but provided them the means to compete against the Salesforce, Redtail CRM, and Oracles. 


WealthDrive was custom white-labeled, rebranded, and setup for this company to change their software without spending a small fortune. Now instead of them focusing on technology they can focus on growing their client base. 

Annual Savings


New Clients 1st 12 Months


Sales Increase


Average Revenue per Client



“We were able to put an A-La-Carte solution of modules together to create something we had only dreamed. WealthDrive is a modern miracle!”

Elizabeth Howell – CEO