Case Study


TeamEncore was a new venture that aimed at producing a competing product to Joinme or Gotomeeting. There was an identified demand for a much user friendly solution. 


We Took A New Firm From Nothing To Competitor Status.

TeamEncore didn’t have to spend the millions of dollars to take their marketing plan combine it with our technology solution and get out the door in a relatively short period of time. Once they custom white labeled our solution they were ready to go.


Challenge & Solution


The firm had just started so the challenge was getting them educated on our platform. Since they leased our solution from an enterprise level they were able to white label the entire application. Instead of taking several years and millions of dollars. They were ready to go in a matter of weeks. 


Our solution was take the modules within our technology that they wanted to use and white label the application as such.

Annual Savings


New Clients 1st 12 Months


Sales Increase


Average Revenue per Client



“White-labeling their solution and implementing our stellar marketing plan saved us. We were able to pull off the near impossible.”

Christopher Stuart – CEO