Account Aggregation


Link Your Accounts

WealthDrive works with everyone you do. Our firm is approved by and integrated with a wide variety of custodians, broker-dealers and other financial institutions that you work with. By linking all of your accounts under one software gives you the ability to monitor, billing & invoicing, trading and rebalancing, better reporting, business intelligence and financial data processing. 


Create a Strategy

Manage every account linked to our system the same or differently depending on risk parameters, and goals. 



Get simple, customizable insights that impress – on both your accounts and financial well-being in total. 



Save time and gain efficiencies with automated delivery of trade signals, investment direction, planning, and account maintenace that puts you back in the driver’s seat. 

Why Us

The WealthDrive Advantage

WealthDrive combines reporting, communication, and automation technologies to create a system that is one of the most powerful, yet simplest to run on the market. 



  • Investment Reporting
  • Business Reporting
  • Account Aggregation
  • Client Billing



  • Client Portal
  • Brand Communications
  • Prospecting
  • Direct Client Support



  • Batch reporting & delivery
  • Client Invoice Delivery
  • Monitoring & Alerting
  • Automated Client Updates

Digital Onboarding

Turn onboarding into an engaging competitive advantage. Opening new accounts isn't always easy. We just make it seem that way.

Managing & Rebalancing

Manage more accounts in less time using a scalable, personalized approach that is unique to this firm only.

Client Portal

Keep your clients informed from a whole new perspective with a modern and easy to use portal that is engaging.

Growth Tools

A variety of simple tools to help you capture, connect and report on opportunities.

Contact Management

Together we can enhance your ability to provide customized service at scale.

Platform Pricing

Find the pricing plan that fits your budget. If you have a unique idea or situation let us know.

Firm History

Technology that helps makes life and business simpler.

Meet Our People

Technology that helps makes life and business simpler.