Our Story

Firm History



  • Our firm was mapped out and set in motion

Layout Created

  • The layout of the UX/UI was put together

Changes & Pandemic

  • Additional modules were added to the application and for four months the project stopped due to COVID

MVP Ready

  • A marginal viable product was completed and testing starting
2022 - January

Software Website Created

  • Website to introduce WealthDrive to the world is created
2022 - May

Market Pricing

  • Pricing models are set
2022 - August


  • After three painstaking years WealthDrive is launched

Our Vision

Successful leadership, foresight and ingenuity produce results. Never is this truer than at WealthDrive. Through years of working directly in the software, investment and insurance industries, our firm developed the vision to support individuals and business professionals throughout their lives and business practices with advanced software applications, streamlined automations, and advanced sales practices. Our firm is poised to grow not only now but into the very distant future.

CRM 360

Together we can enhance your ability to provide customized service at scale.

Digital Onboarding

Turn onboarding into an engaging competitive advantage. Opening new accounts isn't always easy. We just make it seem that way.

Manage & Rebalance

Manage more accounts in less time using a scalable, personalized approach that is unique to this firm only.

Client Portal

Keep your clients informed from a whole new perspective with a modern and easy to use portal that is engaging.

Firm Timeline

Technology that helps makes life and business simpler.


Learn about why we exist and who we are as a firm.


Capture, connect and close new business faster.


Attract the right type of prospects and engage with them.

Revenue Maximizer

Maximize all the possible revenue streams for your business.

Data Migration

Let WealthDrive do the heavy lifting with data migration.


Allow us to take a deep dive into your practice and provide guidance.