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Case Study

WealthDrive has changed the way our business runs and operates. The first way is when it comes to our insurance agency, we used to be the king of excel spreadsheets. WealthDrive allows us to ditch the Excel spreadsheets as their accounting module takes care of breaking compensation apart and allowing us to quickly process payments.

The second and most important benefit to using WealthDrive is the ease with which our clients can keep track of all their insurance and investment accounts in a single location. Now, when it comes to cross selling and making recommendations, we have the full picture of what the clients already own and it is shown to us in a central location. This allows for proper insurance and investment reviews as well, as cutting down on insurance protection overlap.

The third way WealthDrive has been a godsend is the large reduction in technology fees we have to pay. By using WealthDrive we were able to take our monthly technology budget from $6,445/mth to roughly $1,500/mth. My firm will always be a WealthDrive user.

– Petty Insurance Agency

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