Rebalance with Efficiency

Manage more accounts in less time using a scalable, personalized approach.

Gather More Assets

Our solution allows the ability to actively manage and provide advice on assets/accounts held away.

Holistic Advice Reimagined

Advice is only as good as the information you possess. Our solution gives the entire 360 degree financial picture to enhance the advice provided.


Meet the unique needs of each client – at scale

Our trading and rebalancing platform enables better portfolio performance with increased operational efficiencies and customizable automations.

Manage an unlimited number of accounts

Instead of rebalancing portfolios manually, our automated workflows simplify and streamline the rebalancing process so you can manage more accounts more efficiently.

Customize client service at scale

From the firm level down to the account level, built-in settings such as allocation weights, product mix, sector and security restrictions and social screens account for individual client preferences.

Manage heldaway assets

Instead of allowing those once unattainable assets set in accounts for other advisors to prospect and win, now you can corner the market and get a jump on the competition.

Do more in less time

Constantly Improving

Our software is run on a cutting edge tech stack with modern deployment strategies supporting 24 new releases a year, on average. 

Unique Market Indicators

New Money Indicator

Using institutional volume the goal is to only invest new money into the stock market during short term ‘Uptrend’ periods and remain in cash during short term ‘Downtrend’ periods. When there is flexibility in being able to determine the timing of investing new proceeds, this indicator should be used to determine the dispersion of new assets.

Total Market Indicator

The ‘Total Market Indicator’ is a longer-term trend indicator that was built to determine when markets were in an upward trend. The indicator is a complex algorithm that measures the buying and selling pressure of twenty-six (26) asset classes to determine this trend. Usually this is based on how portfolios at an institutional level are being invested, that is being uncovered. This indicator is meant to navigate through the chop that most methodologies get whipsawed in during periods when a market is moving sideways.

Balance of Strength

The ‘BOSS Indicators” stands for Balance of Strength and is an academically validated risk management tool that was designed to react quickly to market tops and bottoms without being knocked off the longer-term trend.

Calendar Effects Indicator

The ‘Calendar Effects Indicator’ is a shorter-term indicator whose goal is to be invested only during those short periods during the calendar year that have historically shown a high probability of profit. There are about 11 of these short periods per year, totaling roughly 70 to 80 market days of exposure per year.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are your indicators apart of the subscription?


How easy is this to setup for my practice?

Within one day we can have you up and running and feeling good about how to implement your tech stack.

How many software systems are built into just this one application?

There are 11 different software systems that were meant to be replaced by this single application.

Do you have to be securities licensed to lease the robo-advisor?

NO! If you are not securities licensed you have the ability to leverage the robo-advisor. This levels the playing field with dual licensed professionals.

How hard is the software to learn?

The application was built with the idea of highly adapted applications to reduce the learning curve significantly. Best way to see it is to try it.

Do you offer a free trial?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a free trial of our application. We do offer a demo so that the true power of our application can be viewed.

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