Managing Conversations

Turbulent market volatility can create difficult conversations. We provide a checklist to help make these conversations easier. 


Make sure that the client can login to the client portal and understands what they have the ability to view and monitor. 

Risk Score

As professionals we aren’t shooting for the moon returns. We are in the business of risk management. This can be reviewed by reiterating and making sure the risk score is still relevant. 


Project integration and alignment of people, processes, structures, and culture.


There are two different management styles of Tactical vs Strategic. One strategy is about the amount of time spent in the market vs. following trends of the market. Both strategies have their time and place. The reiteration of the investment methodology must be covered to show the method of the madness. 

Additional Help

If you would like to see this review process in motion then please reach out. We offer one-on-one trainings so that these conversations aren’t so difficult and prepare you for possible objections. 

Some of those objections are listed below that we see most often. 


Most Common Objections

How long will this market volatility last?

A market has more stamina than any person has patience. Let’s not focus on how long it will be volatile but how we plan on making money from that volatility.

Should I change investments now?

Absolutely NOT! If you change now you are chasing returns and that can be a much more dangerous situation.

What are you doing to make sure I make my money back?

There is a non-emotional, systematic methodology that is strictly adhered to make sure the investment performance returns are acceptable and well within your risk score parameters.

How much money will I lose?

The average drawdown over ‘x’ years has been historically ‘y’. Every healthy market is going to have an ebb and flow to it. Drawdowns have to be expected as part of a healthy growth process in the investment world.

Will this happen again and again?

To a certain degree, the short answer is yes. Without the natural flow of things then markets become severely unstable.

How long will it take to recoup the losses?

Markets tend to fall 2x faster than the rise. So based off this historical phenomenon this market correction should last ‘x’ amount of months. 

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