Streamline Efficiency

Stop all the back and forth actions that most applications require and house it all in one easy to use solution.

Prospect to Client

Turn onboarding into a competitive advantage and desirable process.

Scale & Grow

Better efficiency often leads to an increase in growth. So become more efficient by automating your on-boarding workflows.


By The Numbers


Average desired increase in a business’s monthly income.


Potentially higher client referral rates.


Desired closing ratio for firms who utilize WealthDrive.


Desired average increase in AUM during the first 24 months of implementation.


Desired client interactions with the client portal. .


Desired employee utilization after implementing the technology.

Focus On Your Business

WealthDrive has the ability to simplify your business and put your business light-years ahead of the competition.

Expedite the onboarding and account opening experience

Make it effortless for new clients to begin working with you using a streamlined and personalized approach to digital onboarding

Truly customizable onboarding

Lighting-fast account funding

Connectivity with everything


Your first impression matters

Delight new clients by turning a traditionally tedious process into a state-of-the-art experience and your first quick win

Tailored questions

Whether you are taking a high touch (advisor-led) or low touch (client-led) approach, your firm’s client questionnaire is front and center.

Streamlined account opening and funding

Personalized onboarding options, digital signature functionality, intuitive, elegantly designed workflows and a system built to prevent NIGO errors remove the friction from account opening to funding.

Full transparency into new account activity

Utilize our intuitive dashboards to track client onboarding and account opening opportunities from the proposal stage all the way through funding. Our system provides an aggregated view of all new accounts, approval status, document availability and required action items. Stay up-to-date and compliant.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create my own forms?

Yes! You can create your own custom forms for digital signature.

What information do you collect in the CRM?

The CRM can capture every possible piece of information around a contact, either through automation, questionnaires, or data entry.

How many software systems are built into just this one application?

There are 11 different software systems that were meant to be replaced by this single application.

What type of accounts can you aggregate?

There are over 37,000 institutions that have the ability to aggregate accounts into WealthDrive.

How hard is the software to learn?

The application was built with the idea of highly adapted applications to reduce the learning curve significantly. Best way to see it is to try it.

Do you offer a free trial?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a free trial of our application. We do offer a demo so that the true power of our application can be viewed.