Revenue Possibilities

Revenue Streams

Examine the potential revenue streams below and see which ones might make sense to add to your business model.


Client Portal Subscriptions

Charging for an engaging client portal is a quick revenue stream generator. Especially since our client portal makes the lives of our clients easier and more transparent.

Software Sub-Licensing

With our partnership program, a firm can sublicense the WealthDrive application and turn a cost item on the balance sheet into a revenue-generating income stream.


Anyone can be a consultant, but with WealthDrive we turn you into a true professional consultant that is organized, transparent, and can stay on task.

Enhanced Planning Fees

Knowledge and experience is very valuable when trying to plan for all of life’s adventures.

Proposals Generation Fees

If you produce proposals for other firms to win business, then you can charge for those proposals and turn a time-consuming practice into a revenue producing activity.

Investment Management Fees

Since our application is custodian and carrier agnostic, automated advice can be provided for any account. Even those once unreachable accounts. Since a billing module is built directly into the application billing these outside accounts can be accomplished.

Insurance Commissions

Collect the highest level of insurance commissions paid to licensed professionals for Life, Annuity, Disability, Long Term Care, etc.

Marketing Revenue

There are businesses that are just true marketers and now we provide a way to monetize that experience and acumen.

Business Turn-Around Specialist

Using our application, a professional can go into a business and turn it completely around in an orderly, well-defined approach to succeed.


Revenue Ideas

WealthDrive provides a plethora of potential revenue sources for any firm. Our application keeps the process of adding revenue sources organized, manageable, and automated. This adds revenue while not reducing valuable time. If there is a scenario not mentioned above, we would love to hear from you.