Case Study

Royal Wealth

Royal Wealth is a registered investment advisory firm offering investment and financial planning services to businesses and individuals.


How We Increased Customer Growth By 28% In A Single Year.

Royal Wealth needed help creating an competitive advantage. They wanted to create an atomosphere where clients wanted to refer their friends and family. They also wanted to completely update their investment methodology to better match the times. 


Challenge & Solution


This firm had subscriptions with Redtail CRM, Dropbox, Ringcentral, ActiveCampaign, Blueleaf, etc. just to name a few. When their technology costs were evaluated the cost per employee was roughly $490 per month. The client portal was very lacking as it was strictly the client portal of Blueleaf and the customer experience was truly lacking. 


Our solution was simple. Get rid of all the outside subscriptions. After working closely with upper level management we explained a much more institutional approach to managing money.

Upon WealthDrive’s adoption into the firm the growth has been phenominal. The clients are excited and the referral engine is truly organic. 

Annual Savings


New Clients 1st 12 Months


Sales Increase


Average Revenue per Client



“I can’t believe it took us this long to make a change. So happy that we did. Numbers don’t lie.”

Claude M. Royal – CEO


Technology that was built to increase client engagement. reduce business costs, increases productivity & drives revenue.


Find better qualified leads, increase conversion rates, nurture prospects, and effectively engage existing clients with proven workflows.


WealthDrive's robo-advisor is meant to help firms that don't want the expenditure of creating their own while maintaining control.


A proven and cost effective catalyst for change in creating a plan and bringing it to life to help you individually or your organization.

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