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How It Works

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Summarize all of your data and provide insights.

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Get advice and recommendations that are professional.

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Daily guidance keeps you informed and on track.

Daily Investment Signals

Signals to buy/sell are updated daily.

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Track and organize all your accounts in one location.

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Unique Methodology

Our firm was built and surrounds itself with the best minds the industry has to offer. Two different investment styles are offered which are: Strategic & Tactical. Choose one management style or blend the two styles together. There are models to fit any objective. Our mission is to keep your portfolio one step ahead and always on top.

Institutional Indicators

New Money Indicator

Using institutional volume the goal is to only invest new money into the stock market during short term ‘Uptrend’ periods and remain in cash during short term ‘Downtrend’ periods. When there is flexibility in being able to determine the timing of investing new proceeds, this indicator should be used to determine the dispersion of new assets.

Total Market Indicator

The ‘Total Market Indicator’ is a longer-term trend indicator that was built to determine when markets were in an upward trend. The indicator is a complex algorithm that measures the buying and selling pressure of twenty-six (26) asset classes to determine this trend. Usually this is based on how portfolios at an institutional level are being invested, that is being uncovered. This indicator is meant to navigate through the chop that most methodologies get whipsawed in during periods when a market is moving sideways.

Balance of Strength

The ‘BOSS Indicators” stands for Balance of Strength and is an academically validated risk management tool that was designed to react quickly to market tops and bottoms without being knocked off the longer-term trend.

Calendar Effects Indicator

The ‘Calendar Effects Indicator’ is a shorter-term indicator whose goal is to be invested only during those short periods during the calendar year that have historically shown a high probability of profit. There are about 11 of these short periods per year, totaling roughly 70 to 80 market days of exposure per year.

Investment Signal Process



Our firm has identified a diverse set of asset classes that are ranked weekly based off volume accleration metrics.



Then the selection of the most appropriate instrument is determined that will most accurately track that asset class. This could be an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund), Stock, and/or Mutual Fund.



There are a set of proprietary algorithmic indicators that are applied daily to make sure the trend of the market is monitored. These indicators act as circuit breakers and were built to significantly reduce market losses.



Determine the risk tolerance of each client and select the model that is most appropriate. Client risk is constantly evolving based on life occurrences, so we built a solution to quickly adapt to life changes.



Monitor the proprietary algorithmic indicators daily for changes to the underlying market trend as well as asset classes at predetermined intervals throughout an investing year.

Evolution of Risk

WealthDrive has developed a new and revolutionary way of identifying and managing risk. The acknowledgment that risk is constantly evolving from a market, asset class and client perspective has to be accepted. All three have to be identified and monitored to be truly successful on a consistent basis. WealthDrive identifies risk in a three-dimensional state that is constantly evolving, which includes:

Market Risk

Where the market trend is located will be determined and monitored by our algorithmic indicators. This process will help significantly reduce market risk.

Asset Class Risk

By monitoring which asset classes are garnering the most institutional buying vs selling pressure will help reduce investment security risk.

Client Risk Tolerance

Identifying the risk tolerance of a client based on timeframe and account objectives, helps reduce expectation risk related to the journey of investing.

Cost Effective

Finally, a solution that for less than a dollar a day you can learn how to properly manage your financial accounts. Not to mention, you can stop paying high fees to advisors. 

Stop relying on other people to manage your money and take things into your own hands. With our guidance we turn every trade into a professional by providing a solid, time-tested investment methodology. 


Individual Plan

Core Features


Client Portal


Daily Buy/Sell Signals


Monitor & Track Accounts


Advice & Support 24/7


Document Vault


Education & Guidance


Password Vault


The question of why we are doing this for such a small fee is easy to explain. The developers of this software spent 20+ years managing assets for a percentage of the account value known as ‘Asset Based Fee’. After all those years they wanted to change the investment advisory business and make it affordable to everyone. 

Company Story

In 2013, two self-employed business individuals sat in a board room after a long series of meetings with several household technology firms such as Salesforce, Oracle, and BlackDiamond. One thing was for sure, and that was the realization that technology needed to take our current firm to the next level didn’t exist, and what was there was super expensive.

After several months of contemplating our next move, it became as distinct and clear as a morning sunrise. A complete career shift was needed. If we were facing this technology problem, so was everyone else. Plus, there was an idea so revolutionary we quickly realized we had stumbled on something very special.

One key component was agreed upon and still holds true today. That key component is that this firm would be 100% self-funded and owned, so no outside influence from insurance companies, VC firms, or large investment houses could bias the application.

WealthDrive is a disruption to the tech industry and is the first in its class to bring ‘Main Street’ to what was once only reserved for ‘Wall Street’. Also, there are features never seen before which truly set this firm apart. Welcome to a new age and welcome to WealthDrive.

Easy to Use

You don’t have to be a tech expert to benefit from the functionality of our system.

Affordable Pricing

Revolutionary industry-leading software is now available  without breaking the bank.

Strategic & Tactical

Use our market-leading financial indicators to manage all financial accounts anywhere.


Information is power, and our firm brings the future to your fingertips.


By the Numbers

Asset Classes

Risk Models

Proprietary Indicators

Combined Experience


Frequently Asked Questions

How many accounts can I get investment signals for?

As many accounts as you want to have the system track.

Will this work for my 401(k) at work?

YES! This service was built to work with every account possible.

How often will signals come out?

Notifications come out on a daily basis. Somedays there will need to be action taken and others there will not be anything to do. 

Is there a client portal?

YES! Every business can have their own branded client portal to communicate and engage with their clients.

How hard is the software to learn?

The application was built with the idea of highly adapted applications to reduce the learning curve significantly. Best way to see it is to try it.

Can you help me learn how to enter trades?

Yes! Our firm can help educate you how to enter trades by walking you through step-by-step and providing examples.

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