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When there is a subscription or an account with our robo-advisor, we provide watch lists that may include stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Closed End Funds, etc. These lists help narrow down possible investment options.

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Investment Folios

Risk-Based Models

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How Are Models Created

There are five strategic risk-based models and five tactical risk-based models that are provided with the robo-advisor by default. The risk tolerance questionnaire produces a numerical score that equates to a model for each management style.

Inside of a model you will find investment folios. Each investment folio may have a different strategy or rule set that governs the investment strategy for that folio. There can be an unlimited number of investment folios inside of a risk-based model.

The investment folios are where individual holdings will be held and managed. Under normal circumstances, indicators govern investment folio decisions of when to be invested and when not to be invested. 

If you would like a hands-on deeper dive into the mechanics, please reach out by clicking the button below. 

Years Established

Total Risk-Based Models


The algorithmic indicators that are deployed here at WealthDrive are institutional grade quality. These indicators keep a pulse on the short-, medium- and long-term trends of the stock market. 

The goal of any successful trade is to find the trend because the trend is your friend. 

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How often are indicators updated?

The indicators are updated daily. However, the number of changes the indicators make tends to be volatility based. The higher the market volatility, the number of indicator changes will increase and vice versa. 

Are the investment folios all different?

Yes, each investment folio is built to achieve something different. 

When do risk-based models change?

The risk-based models are going to change on either a monthly or quarterly basis unless a trigger for change is caused by an indicator that governs an investment folio that is located inside the risk-based model.

Can you help me decide which risk-based model to invest in?

YES! Our application is setup to take all the guesswork out of which risk-based model you should follow. We even built the application to allow for the overriding of our recommendation if your heart is set on following a risk-based model that we wouldn’t recommend.

Can I trade these recommendations or does WealthDrive?

WealthDrive was built so that if you want us to trade and manage the investment account, we are capable of providing that service. However, if you are comfortable trading your own account then we provide the recommendations, and you pull the trigger. 

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